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CPD Forms

Guidelines and application forms for event providers:

CPD Recording Registration Form

To register for the CPD recording programme Non NZAO member optometrists will need to complete the CPD Registration Form and return it to C/- NZAO CPD Recording Programme.

Board Payment form for Individual Dossier

CPD Policy

CPD Recertification Programme

CPD Recertification Programme for Optometrists is effective from 1 November 2010. ... Read more about CPD Recertification Programme >>

CPD Accreditation Policy

CPD Accreditation Policy for Optometrists is effective from 27 June 2016. Below are some policies, read the board's  CPD Accreditation Policy for a complete policy. Have a look at the sample CPD report which explains the CPD report in detail.

  • CPD cycle is a two year period from 01-Nov to 31-Oct.
  • Optometrists should get 20 General and 20 Clinical Diagnosis (CD) credits in this two year period, if they hold an active APC.
  • CD credits are required even for non-therapeutic optometrists.
  • Excess CD credits will compensate deficit General credits. But excess General credits will not compensate deficit CD credits.
  • Half of the total excess credits (max 45) obtained in a CPD cycle will be transferred to next CPD cycle as general credits.
  • Pro-rata credits will be awarded for optometrists obtaining an APC in the middle of the CPD cycle.

CPD for non-accredited events

You will need to provide the following information:
  • Proof of attendance e.g. a certificate.
  • List of lectures attended and duration of each lecture.
  • Abstract/summary of each lecture.
The CPD Accreditation committee will use this information to determine the amount and type of credits to award.

Glaucoma Prescribing

Link to the ODOB Guidelines for Glaucoma Prescribing
The Board will manage the tracking of hours for the 20 hours Glaucoma Management Clinical Placement and the 5 case studies.Download the log sheet template to be used to log the hours for the Glaucoma Management Clinical Placement .
There is no template for the case studies, but if anyone is unfamiliar with how to write up a case study they can contact the Board and the Board’s Professional Standards Advisor will provide guidance.

Application Process
Submit your log sheet or Case Studies to the Board for approval
Submit your log sheet or Case Studies to NZAO for CPD points(about 1.75 CD per session).

Glaucoma Prescribing Ongoing CPD requirements

Ongoing CPD requirements for Glaucoma Prescribing require participation in peer review sessions specifically on glaucoma management.  This will include presenting at twice yearly two hour structured peer review sessions specifically on glaucoma management.
These sessions must be run in accordance with the Board policy on continuing professional development and an ophthalmologist must be present.  When it is not possible to have an ophthalmologist attend, the Board may approve, at its discretion, an optometrist glaucoma prescriber.
Download the Glaucoma Peer Review Activity form

Currently the only glaucoma CPD for prescribers the Board has approved and is accepting, is the requirement of four hours of peer review meetings with an ophthalmologist advising. The reason for this is that the Board wants to encourage collegial discussion amongst the optometrists prescribers with an ophthalmologist giving advice and recommendations on points raised. Such discussions give the opportunity for practitioners to also share their experiences of independent prescribing in both private practice and hospital settings.

List of Optometrist Glaucoma Prescribers
To view an up-to-date list of Approved Optometrist Glaucoma Prescribers, Click here.